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Categorize Your Spending

How have you been spending your money each month? The best place to start saving is by knowing how you are currently spending your money.

Add Your Transactions

Tracking your transactions will allow you to see accurate and informative insights about your spending, and highlight area where you're spending the most.

Learn From Insights

Understand your financial situation with Simple Budget. Insights will help you see where your'e spending your money, where you can cut back, and other opportunities to save.

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Experience Powerful Insights

You need to save money, but don't know where the money will come from. Never experience this dilemma again with the power of Simple Budget insights.

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Premium Insights

Unlock powerful insights for only $1/month. Because keeping a budget shouldn't be another expense.

$1 / month

$10 / year

  • View your full budget history
  • Watch your savings grow every month
  • Get a breakdown of spending by category
  • Get a further breakdown of each category
  • Budget Calculator: See exactly how your finances will look at the end of the month
  • Be on the lookout for new features added!

Not Ready for Premium?

No worries, non premium accounts can still use the full app. Unlike other budgeting apps, premium access is focused on insights, not usability. No limits on categories, transactions, or any other data you input.

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How Would a Budget Help Me?

Become more aware of how much money you're actually making each month

Know exactly how, and where, you're spending the money you earn

Identify areas you're over-spending

Know how you can adjust your spending habits

Determine how much you can put towards savings by building it right into your budget

Build stronger financial independence by taking control of your own money

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Take Control of Your Finances

Living paycheck to paycheck? Worried about making rent or other bills? You're not alone. Imagine instead of being one of these statistics, you had a plan for every dollar you spend. Instead of worrying about how much you spent last weekend, you knew how much you could afford to spend this weekend.


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Americans who site money as a significant source of stress


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To put your financial worries behind you