About Simple Budget

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Simple Budget has one goal in mind-- to help you save money. Money plays an essential part of our society, and making sure you are in a comfortable financial situation can help make your life easier. Using Simple Budget ensures you have visibility into your past spending habits, clarity on the money you currently have, and peace of mind knowing exactly how your future finances will look.

There are plenty of existing budgeting apps, and even some that can link to your bank accounts to automatically log your transactions for you. The problem is, once you connect everything, it becomes so automated that it becomes easy to forget. It ends up being the app that gains insights into your spending, not you.

Manually entering your transactions ensures you stay aware of your spending. Simple Budget takes it from there and shows how you can start growing your savings!

The Inspiration

While having full transparency into spending habits is the focus of Simple Budget, the real inspiration comes from things money can't buy. It's unfortunate that money drives so many of our decisions, but it controls much of the society we live in today. Many people live paycheck to paycheck with no other option. But would you be doing the same job if money was no longer an issue? Would you travel? Would you spend more time with your family? The real inspiration behind Simple Budget is getting people in a place where money does not limit our lives, and we're free to focus on what really matters to us.

The Team

Today, Simple Budget is supported by a small, highly efficient, and caring team. Our slim size allows us to move fast and not get bogged down by overly complicated bureaucratic processes. Instead, we get to focus on innovative ideas and improving the app based on actual user feedback, not what corporate thinks would be best (there is no corporate!). We love our users, and look forward to hearing more stories of how Simple Budget has helped, as well we new ideas on how it can help even more.